Teachers Write

I believe in “walking the walk”. I believe that one of the reasons that my 4th graders read a tremendous amount of books each year, is because I read a tremendous amount of books. My passion and love for reading rubs of on my students.

I would like to have the same effect on my writers. I’m not saying that I’m a bad writing teacher or that my students do not write a lot. What I’m saying, is that I feel that I will be a better teacher if I write more. One of my biggest issues as a writer is going through the entire writing process. I find that many of my in class writing lessons are focused on selecting topics, planning, and drafting. Revising, editing, and publishing are parts of the process that I tend to avoid. Can you guess which parts of the writing process my students struggle with?

I am hoping that participating in Kate Messner’s Teachers Write Program will provide me with the support to “walk the walk”. It helps that two of my favorite people, Jen Vincent and Gae Polisner, are on Kate’s Teachers Write team. I’m very excited and a little bit nervous to being this adventure. I still have one more week of school, but I plan to get started as soon as I can.

If you’d like more information on Teachers Write, please click on the badge below.  Wish me luck!


About Colby Sharp

I teach fifth grade teacher in Parma, Michigan. My passion in the classroom is centered around building lifelong readers, writers, and thinkers.

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